Dentures resemble natural teeth on a removable device and can give you back the function and appearance of missing teeth. Dentures can be complete and are used when all of a patient’s teeth are missing, or partial, when some natural teeth are left.

Dentures consist of replacement prosthetic teeth attached to a gum coloured plastic base held in place by a metal frame.

We begin your custom denture by looking at your jaw size and the colour and shape of the existing teeth. We scan, design and make our own standard dentures in our offsite lab using state of the art, precise digital scanning and milling equipment. This means that we can guarantee the most accurate fit. The dentures are made from high quality plastic and porcelain materials. More complex dentures are made using dental laboratories. This gives the most natural appearance and best functioning teeth. 

Toowong Village Dental showing dentures

Once the dentures are made

Once made, we will show you how to place and secure the denture in your mouth so that you will have full function. We’ll also show you how to clean and look after the denture.

There is usually an adjustment period when you first use dentures. Muscles of the mouth may be sore while they learn how to hold the denture in place and gums may be irritated as they adjust.

The main things to get used to are eating and speaking with your new denture. We advise at first to eat small pieces of soft food and speaking slowly.

It will become the norm quickly though and give you back your confidence to eat, speak and smile.