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White Fillings

In the past amalgam fillings (or silver fillings) were used to fill decayed teeth and holes. Amalgam fillings were made of an alloy that contains mercury and it is now thought that these fillings can leak small amounts of mercury vapour.

If you have existing silver fillings that are concerning you, we can replace them with a natural looking white composite filling.

White Fillings Brisbane

We use a safe composite filling product that doesn’t contain mercury and is the same colour as your natural tooth. Unlike metallic fillings the composite fillings do not expand or contract and are bonded very strongly with the tooth. This means that they are less likely to become loose and fall out and thus have a much longer life span.

This strong, natural looking composite material is not only used for fillings but to also reshape uneven teeth. It is added to the existing teeth to build them up and reshape them for a more even looking smile.

Broken or split teeth can also be miraculously returned to normal with this material. Due to the strength and colour of this product, a tooth that has been split or broken off can be repaired fully to look and function exactly as it did before it was damaged.

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