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COnscious sedation

IV Sedation

Many people find dentistry a stressful or fearful experience. We understand that there are some people who are particularly apprehensive about most forms of dentistry, or there are relatively unpleasant or lengthy procedures, such as the removal of wisdom teeth. In either case people may prefer to be less aware of what is occurring and fear can prevent people from receiving the essential treatment they need.

What are the advantages of conscious sedation?

The medications given in conscious sedation are a mix of sedatives and strong pain relievers. The aim of this is so that you:

  • Have very little awareness of what is going on;
  • Will feel very sleepy during the procedure;
  • Remember very little of what occurred; and,
  • Will feel as though the procedure has only taken minutes.

Compared to oral sedation, intravenous conscious sedation is more readily controlled and can be better tailored to the patient and procedure.

Compared to nitrous oxide or “happy gas”, intravenous conscious sedation is a more profound form of sedation for many people, and induces amnesia of the procedure as well as a higher level of pain relief.

Compared to general anaesthesia, conscious sedation can offer a requisite level of comfort in more convenient and simpler setting. It can also be more affordable, particularly for those who do not have health insurance.e

How safe is conscious sedation?

Modern conscious sedation is a very safe and effective way to deliver dentistry in a relatively pain and stress-free way.

Throughout your procedure you will be under the care of two clinicians. Your dentist will provide the dental treatment and Dr Cordery, who is endorsed by the national registration body (AHPRA) to deliver conscious sedation, will administer your sedation, as well as monitoring your breathing, blood pressure, ECG, heart rate and oxygen saturation with the aid of specialised monitoring devices.

Am I a suitable patient for conscious sedation?

Conscious sedation is suitable for fit, healthy adolescents and adults.

Your dentist and Dr Cordery will be best positioned to assess your particular circumstances and will be able to advise on your suitability for this form of treatment.

Please note that conscious sedation is not general anaesthesia, which is usually administered in a hospital setting by an anaesthetist.

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