Veneers are ideal if your teeth are yellowing or if you have multiple issues that you would like to fix in one go. This option gives you a completely natural looking result.

Porcelain veneers are a custom made thin but long-lasting layer which fit over each individual tooth to look like your natural teeth. This is a cosmetic procedure which creates a permanent, white smile all within a couple of appointments.

Veneers are used to conceal chipped or cracked teeth, discoloured teeth, gaps between teeth, asymmetrical teeth, or miss-sized teeth.


At the first appointment, the surface of the existing teeth receiving the veneer is very lightly abraised to remove a small layer of enamel. This prevents the new veneered tooth looking too big and creates a sandpapered surface optimal for the glue to attach the new veneer too.

This is not painful and doesn’t affect the look or strength of the teeth.

Then a digital scan of the teeth is taken and used as a template to make the porcelain veneers. This ensures a perfect fit and alignment with the gumline.

At the second appointment, the veneer/s are secured in place with a very strong dental bond which acts like cement, giving a long lasting result.

A final polish to give a natural look is given.

Veneers give a natural looking result with a long term guarantee. Good oral hygiene and regular checkups are vital in maintaining the longevity of veneers.