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Children's Dentistry Brisbane

Children’s Dentistry

When you bring your child to the dentist from an early age they will learn that dental visits are a normal part of life. They will form healthy dental habits and will avoid developing dental anxiety later in life.

A child’s first visit should be around the time of their first birthday and may just involve lying in the chair on top of your chest. A good tip is to bring them with you when you have your own regular check-up so they can see you having your teeth examined and hence will make them more receptive when it’s their turn.

What is involved?

During your child’s checkup we will be looking at the health of their gums and to see if teeth are coming through straight. It’s never too early to start teaching them about correct brushing and flossing techniques and encouraging independence in these.

Your role in caring for your child’s teeth at home

Ongoing modelling, assistance and supervision of brushing by the parent is vital for a child’s oral health. This means ensuring your child brushes their teeth every morning and night after meals. Learning to floss once a child’s teeth have all come through is also critical.

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