A bridge is a device that is attached to surrounding teeth via crowns. It can be used to replace one or more missing teeth. When a bridge replaces a missing tooth, a natural looking prosthetic tooth is made that sits on the bridge. This process replaces missing teeth and supports remaining teeth to keep them in their proper position.

Bridges are an option if there are surrounding natural teeth. However, if there are no existing teeth next to the space left by a missing tooth then a dental implant can be inserted and used as a support for the bridge. A dental implant supported bridge is used if there are multiple missing teeth side by side.

Creating a bridge involves two appointments.


Demonstrating a dental bridge

First appointment

At the first appointment we digitally scan your mouth so that the new device will fit perfectly with your existing teeth. Using our state of the art dental milling and furnace units in our own offsite dental lab, we then make the bridge and crowns to fit exactly in your mouth and look like natural teeth.

Second Appointment

At the second appointment the new crown or bridge is fitted into your mouth using a bonding material that attaches it in place extremely strongly to ensure that it stays in place for many years to come.