Tooth Implants

In an ideal world, we would keep our teeth for a lifetime. The good news is that these days, if we lose or break an important tooth there is an option for replacing it that gives a natural-looking, permanent replacement. And that is a Dental Implant. Dental Implants recreate proper appearance and function – meaning that your implant tooth will look and work exactly the same as a real one.

Dental implants have two treatment phases. Firstly, a small metal screw or post is surgically placed into the jaw. This then allows the second stage – a replacement tooth, bridge or denture, to be anchored in place on top. Implants look and feel like natural teeth, they are permanent and secure, and don’t rely on neighbouring teeth for support.

The process of dental implants is explained in more detail here.

Dental implants
Dental implants

Cost is a big factor for patients who are looking at dental implants. Most general dentists have some knowledge in this area but no formal training. At other practices, patients are referred to a dental specialist – a Prosthodontist who undertakes the treatment on the patient.

Fortunately, Glen has completed a tertiary post-graduate degree specifically on Dental Implants and offers dental implant treatment at an affordable cost.

We can provide you with a dental implant plan which outlines the treatment, necessary appointments and costs involved. Glen can offer all phases of dental implant treatment in his surgery saving you the time and money from needing to visit multiple dentists and specialists at multiple surgeries.

We encourage you to compare the cost of dental implants and happily provide you with a detailed quote.